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Who we are?

We are Arboretum Ingredients, a pioneering company in the cosmetics industry. Our mission is to redefine beauty by offering natural, environmentally-friendly, and eco-conscious active ingredients.

Healthy Skincare and Cosmetics

What we do?

We develop and supply active ingredients that meet the highest standards of quality and biological effectiveness for the cosmetics industry.

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Our commitment to the planet

We are dedicated to preserving the planet by using energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly processes to create our ingredients. All our products are designed to minimize our ecological footprint.

Perfect skin, natural cosmetic product for hydrated, glowing and healthy facial derma

Beauty of tomorrow

We believe in sustainable beauty. Our ingredients are not only safe and natural but also offer a high level of tolerance for all skin types

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LINODERMINE is a cutting edge cosmetic active ingredient sourced from cultivated French organic linseed enriched with abundant mucilage This exceptional polysaccharide boasts an impressive molecular weight of 1,2 million Daltons and is brimming with the natural sugars, xylose and rhamnose. Its unique composition contributes to its remarkable properties.

Notably, this ingredient offers an immediate luminosity boost upon application to human skin, delivering an instant glow that enhances the skin's radiance and vitality.

Furthermore, its effects extend beyond the surface, as it actively stimulates various crucial biological markers integral to the skin's anti aging processes.

Through its interaction with the skin's intricate mechanisms, this active ingredient promotes resilience, smoothness, and a youthful appearance, addressing the signs of aging at a foundational level.

Derived from linseed, this cosmetic marvel harnesses the power of nature to invigorate and rejuvenate the skin, offering a dual action approach of instantaneous illumination and long term anti aging benefits



Our patented process (patent on going) called UltraSevum is a cutting edge extraction

technology By harnessing the power of ultrasonics and the natural tree saps, this innovation

stands out for its remarkable energy efficiency compared to traditional extraction methods

What makes UltraSevum TM truly pioneering is its use of tree sap as a phyto solvent, a novel

approach that has no parallel in the natural ingredients market


sap, known as a natural NADES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent), is naturally enriched with

minerals, sugars, organic acids, and more When combined with UltraSevum technology, the

resulting ingredient offers a unique blend of the biological benefits of tree sap and valuable

plant metabolites This breakthrough holds immense promise for the cosmetic industry,

providing a sustainable and highly effective approach to ingredient extraction Embrace the

future of cosmetic ingredient technology with UltraSevum



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An expert team at the service of our customers


  • President of AI
  • Co-founder of AMEQIVI.
  • Director/Head of research departments in major companies in the cosmetics industry.


  • Director of Innovation & Business Development
  • Head of R&D in the ingredient industry
  • 15 years of experience in industrial research
  • ESSEC Master’s in ‘Strategy & International Management’
  • Ph.D. in Phytochemistry

Samantha DROUET, PhD

  • Natural Ingredients Project Manager
  • Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Postdoc in Phytochemistry

Arboretum Ingredients

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